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CEPIG Ecig Review

Vaping in Here to Stay Regardless of Laws Put in Place

April 2nd, 2014

The people have spoken, they want their e cigarettes! Ban them in public places, they do not care… categorize them as tobacco, they do not care…

Smokers of standard cigarettes have finally found an alternative in the form of these battery operated vaporizers that turn flavored nicotine e liquid into a vapor than feels, tastes, and looks like smoke. The only thing missing is the burning cherry and 4,000 plus chemicals that come in a regular cigarette – most of which is from the “smoke” itself.

There are many new types of ecigs hitting the market with more power and more potent flavors. Take a look at this VaporZone Pulse starter kit and you will see what the top of the line electronic cigarette looks like today.  Take note of the larger battery and higher wattage that creates a top shelf vaping experience along with the cartomizer tank that hold the smoke juice or e juice.

More power = more vapor = more taste! So man are emerging on the market today and the cigarette style e cigarettes are being looked over for these newer stronger devices. Not only that, they look cool too – like something out of a SciFi movie.

ego series

Smoking has just kicked it up a notch.  Tobacco companies better take note, they can not set the tone anymore as the smaller business has a voice on the web and not afraid to show it – the people have responded and made their choice.  For some reason these big tobacco companies come out with sub-par versions of e-cigarettes when you would think they would come out with the best ones?

To Smoke or To Vape – That Is The Question

January 27th, 2014

Vaping or smoking? Which do you prefer? If you are a current smoker then you have probably at least tried an e cig and perhaps on the hunt for cheap electronic cigarettes that have good quality to them.

Once you commit to a brand, it only makes sense to stick with them as the flavor is what satisfies you along with the nicotine of course.

Most folks who use e-cigs try and lower their nicotine consumption over time. So when a person starts, they stick with what they are familiar with at first then gradually lower the strength in the coming months to very low or even to zero.

But vaping a 0mg nicotine strength e-cigarette is pretty lame, the taste is weak and there is no throat hit – so what’s the point?

I love my menthol’s, but a few brands of e cigarettes have better menthol flavors in my opinion as the lack of smoke and burning paper only intensify the mint flavor much more.

They have been around since 2008 or so, the very first few introductions were lousy with poor performance and such, but today is different as they have improved so much with new brands and flavors popping up almost everyday.

Check Out This Crazy Electronic Cigar

December 28th, 2013

Found this insane thing online a bit ago, it’s an “e cigar” that looks and tastes just like the real thing. Of course, I’m sure this will be included in the recent vaping bans that are sweeping the country…. so sad.

Want to see it in action? Check out this video below:

Pretty weird huh? It seems so unrealistic and ridicules but I can assure you I got this thing and it’s pretty dang cool. A true cigar smoker will probably scoff at it, but for the occasion cigar puffer this will definitely fill the void and not waste your money on a real one that goes stale or taste too smokey cause you don’t know how to care for it.

For more details, just head on over to this electronic cigars site and learn all about them. Why go into detail here when they give you the scoop there.

Works like an electronic cigarette – same thing with the battery and flavored smoke juice. The draw resistance is the same as a cigar as well, as if it forces you to take a slow long draw. Just inhale the vapor in our mouth and exhale, easy, awesome.

Vaping Bans Are A Political Move

December 12th, 2013

The political engine is on fire! This time targeting the electronic cigarette that has become a very popular option for smokers to quit or cut back on their regular cigarettes. If you don’t know what they are I will explain in an minute. First point to make clear is that big tobacco has yet to step into this sector, except for lorillard. The other 2 tobacco giants Philip Morris USA and Reynolds American have yet to break in to the ecigs craze.

Having said that, it looks like they are waiting to see where it all goes first before they dive into it.  With corporations this big you would think they would crush the smaller electronic cigarette companies like a bug, right? They seem to be sitting back and watching, taking notes, getting a game plan together.

E cigarettes and e juices are NOT regulated by the FDA and are not taxed like tobacco even though they contain nicotine. That is the big dilemma right there.  The vaping or ecig bans are popping up in local city and county governments trying to regulate them the same as a tobacco product and ban their use in all public places and indoors – even though they do not put off any second hand smoke.

Some city and county governments have won, some have lost.  At this point it does not seem to make sense as why there is a need to ban e cigs at all.  That wasn’t until “vaping mods” came into the picture. These are larger vaping devices that put out a huge cloud of vapor that does not disappear as quick as the standard pen style e-cigarette – look at these Green Smoke reviews and you’ll understand it a bit more. Those kinds of electronic cigarettes only emit about the same vapor production as a regular cigarette and go away in seconds never really effecting anyone sitting close by.

So, are these bans on vaping just jumping the gun or is their a political move in play? At this point it’s just an assumption… but if you look at past events like the ever increase of gas prices over the past 10 years then you may seem a pattern starting to develop.  As soon as the Toyota Prius came out with it’s 50+ mph, the price of gas has soared!  Coincidence? Nope…

Suppose you want to lean more about these e-cigarettes, check out this brand; EverSmoke as they are popular amongst current smokers and have a great reputation and even greater reviews.

Will taxing the electric cigarette like a tobacco cigarette kill it’s allure? Or will people still buy them knowing they are a better option for “smoking”?  Only time will tell.

Can You Afford A Lamborghini Aventador Yet?

September 8th, 2013

V12 – 700hp – WOW!

The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is one awesome machine, the video above is a little long at 20 minutes but worth the entire stretch as it makes you look at things in a more manageable financial perspective. When you see it being driven in an everyday way of life, it seems not so unachievable.

In fact, thinking that a car like this that cost close to $500k is out of reach is just putting yourself down… and it keeps you down. Certainly the price to maintain this monstrosity is high as well. No Jiffy Lube for this whip. Just look at these auto insurance quotes for this super-car, it’s not cheap!

With the right investments, buying a car like this would be easy.  Money moves all over the place each day during the stock market trades and if you know how to invest in stocks, you can clean up real nice.  When the market crashes in the future, you should know which stocks will bounce back and invest in them when they are low.

Same goes for real estate, recently IBM laid off 30,000 workers and most of which were from it’s suburban New York location where homes were valued near one million dollars, but now are valued at half that. Looking for on-going situations like that will help steer you in the right direction for making solid investments and BIG returns on your cash – which you can then blow on booze, women, and a badass Lamborghini Aventador!

Hey, why not just write it off as an expense? Sure… bust out your cheap business checks and go get one this afternoon. You know your wife will love it!

As a matter of fact, since you will be living in the fast lane, it’s best to get some life insurance quotes while you’re at it.  ;)